Testimonials & Feedback

Testimonials & Feedback


Testimonials & Feedback…we love it!

We love it and YOU love it!  

thank you!

Thanks Kerry!  You do wonderful things for those girls!  All of your hard work, talent, and dedication pays off, and it definitely shows.  Way to go, you should be proud!  ~ SI

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoyed your recital on Friday night.  your passion is evident, and you can tell that your passion for dance is being passed to so many of the local youth!  Great job to you, the other teachers and the dancers!  ~ LJ

I want to say that this years dance experience was fantastic!   Thanks again as it was a great first for us and many more to come!  ~  CY

Thank you for a wonderful year of dance.  Our daughter just loves to dance and now she rarely walks from one room to another, it’s always dancing!  ~ TW

What you do for these kids goes way beyond the walls of the studio ~ LW

Janice and I were blown away by the dance troop and especially the tap number.  Absolutely incredible”   ~  Spencer West, ME to WE

Thank you for having such an amazing studio to dance in and forever touching our lives ~ MN

…we are so proud of what she is doing and every year are impressed with the way you run your school.  Looking forward to next season… ~ JM

 “Thank you to both you and Lauren for giving my children such a wonderful opportunity to stretch their talents and strut their stuff on stage……Can’t wait till next year!!!! LD

“congratulations on a great show, it was superb and the dancers are all “smiles”.” LM

“I can truly say I have never quite followed an introduction like that!  Firstly, that was remarkable, can we give them another giant round of applause….Wow!” – Craig Kielburger, IMPACT! Youth Summit 2016 – watch the video here!

“Even just as a spectator and mom, seeing these girls and guys put so much into each season, pulls at my heartstrings – and again, as I always say “I don’t know how you do it!!”  Thank you again for another fantastic year.” CW

“Thank you of an amazing year!!
Girls are pumped for next year” – SH

“Another wonderful year of dance ❤️” AN

“My daughter had an amazing time this year!   You guys did an excellent job with the recital!  My hats off to you!”  CL

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