Assistant Teachers



Cara Zettler Assistant Teacher

Cara has danced her way into the heart of KMSD.   Did you see her tap dance in Thunderstruck?!  Wow… there’s no tap step she can’t master!

Cara also takes Jazz, Highland & Musical Theatre and shines in everything she does.

KMSD is happy to have her helping some of Miss Kerry’s younger tap and jazz classes again this year.  She always takes the time  to assist a student learning the newest step!



Brooke has been assisting for a couple of years now and we love having her around!   She has taken almost every form of dance we offer and this year she’s added tap dancing!

Brooke is assisting a couple of Miss Kerry’s classes again this season!



Meredith has been dancing with us since she was 3 years old and has a great passion for dance!  Meredith takes Tap, Jazz, Modern, Musical Theatre and Hip Hop.  Pretty sure if she could tap dance all day, she would!

She loves to be at the studio and we’re happy to have her helping some of our younger students and birthday parties!








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